Suez Capital takes a participating interest in Quince Amsterdam

Quince is a communications agency with expertise in the field of digital media, online marketing and promotional marketing activities in the retail and B2B markets. With around 60 employees in the Netherlands and Hungary, the activities developed by Quince focus primarily on leading international and domestic brands in the consumer electronics, telecom and IT industries. The agency develops concepts and campaigns at strategic level, which are executed in-house by one of the disciplines on board:

  • Print media – the design of all physical promotional and advertisement campaigns
  • Digital media – the design of all digital advertisement campaigns
  • Marcom development – developing software for digital campaigns
  • Business events – the organisation of events
  • Interactive Display Units

Quince Amsterdam
Amsterdam, 30 November 2011
‘Quince caters to the entire spectrum of the logistics chain, from vendor to consumer. Instead of restricting its activities to “branding”, Quince focuses on the distribution, reseller and retail channels. This approach has afforded Quince a unique position on the market, with a product for which demand has only been increasing.’